Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps: Curriculum Maps are specific and detailed instructional templates to be utilized in the teaching of objectives. They provide suggestions for teaching mastery and extending the understanding of an objective by the suggestion of strategies, vocabulary, technology, research, assessments, and connections to other content areas. Clicking on a topic below will take the reader to a specific instructional lesson.
Place Value to 99
Subtraction facts
Comparing Whole numbers
Compare sets concretely
Count to 100
One to one
Conservation of a number
Equal parts
Add 2 numbers to the sum of 10
Add 3 numbers to the sum of 10
Compare sets using manipulatives
Addition facts to 18
Subtraction facts from 18
Extend a pattern using 5 and 10
Sort and classify
Repeated patterns
Inverse operations
Zero property of addition
two-dimensional objects
Values of nickels and dimes
Counting money
Telling time
Lengths to an inch
Compare capacity
Compare weight
Picture graphs
Making a chart from a picture graphs
Acting out a problem
Draw a picture
Write and equation