Assessments: Assessments in the Clinton Community School District are consistent across the district. Assessments that are common are pre-, post, formative, and summative assessments which are articulated and aligned 12-PK. In this area of the website only pre- assessments with authentic assessment grading procedures will be available. Teachers should contact the curricular chair if needing assistance with other assessments.
1 & 2 Step Equations
Initial Computation Assessment
Algebraic Fractions Pretest
Estimation Pretest
Filling and Wrapping Pretest
Fraction Concepts Pretest
Growing Growing Growing Pretest
Inequalities Unit Pretest
Looking for Pythagoras Pretest
Say it with Symbols Pretest
Thinking with Math Models Pretest
1 & 2 Step Equations Post-test
Pre-Algebra End of Year Critical Objectives Test
Algebraic Fractions Post-test
Estimation Post-test
Filling and Wrapping Post-test
Fractions Concepts Post-test
Growing Growing Growing Post-test
Inequalities Unit Post-test
Looking for Pythagoras Post-test
Say it with Symbols Post-test
Thinking with Math Models Post-test