Standards and Benchmarks

CCSD Media Research Curriculum STANDARDS AND BENCHMARKS (2007)



STANDARD #1: Students access information efficiently and effectively


Benchmark 1: Define the informational need and/or purpose in the differentiation and selection of available resources

Benchmark 2: Formulates questions based on information needs and/or purpose

Benchmark 3: Identifies, develops and uses successful strategies for locating information from diverse sources


STANDARD #2: Students evaluate critically and competently in determining the usefulness of information


Benchmark 1: Evaluates the credibility, relevance, and comprehensiveness of information


STANDARD #3: Students utilize information accurately, creatively, and ethically

Benchmark 1: Constructs a product(s) that demonstrate the integration of the media research components

Benchmark 2: Demonstrates ethical behavior in application of the process utilized to access information (Including Bill of Rights, censorship, copyright, and plagiarism)

Benchmark 3: Collaborates in acquiring, generating, and publishing information


STANDARD #4: Students recognize how literary information reflects, examines, and influences the human experience

Benchmark 1: Derives relevant meaning from information presented in a variety of formats and genres

Benchmark 2: Accesses and synthesizes literary information related to personal interests