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Planning & Transition Guides

Clinton High School's School Counseling office used to publish two planning guides (the Junior Planning Guide and the Senior Planning Guide) every year in order to help them plan their lives after graduation.  This year these two guides have been combined into the Junior/Senior Planning Guide.  Students will view this guide during homeroom in November.  If the students want their own copy of this guide they need to stop into the counseling office.

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General Information

          Junior Year Planning Calendar

          Senior Year Planning Calendar

          Early Graduation Information


          Advanced Placement

 Options After Graduation

          Overview of Options

         I Have A Plan Iowa

         Job Shadowing

 The World of Work

          The ABCs of Job Hunting

          How to Fill Out a Job Application

          Resume help

          Interview help

          Writing a Thank You Letter


          Local military contacts

          Questions to ask your recruiter



          Union Apprenticeships Training Programs


          Important Dates to Remember

          Calendar of College-Bound Juniors

          Calendar of College-Bound Seniors

          College Entrance Exams

          ACT versus SAT

          Seven Basic Rules for taking the ACT

          Overcoming Test Anxiety

          Choosing a College

          Myths About Attending College

          Types of Iowa Postsecondary Institutions

          Iowa’s Postsecondary Institutions at a Glance

          4 year College Entrance Requirements

          Regent’s Admissions Index (RAI) Information

          College Application Process

          Letter of Recommendation Form

          Senior Synopsis


          Questions for Admissions Counselors

          Campus visits

          Campus Visit Questionnaire

          You’ve Applied Now What?

          You’re moving into a shoe box…What do you pack?

          Glossary of Financial Aid Terms

          Paying for college

         10 Tips for Understanding Award Letters

          Local and Area Scholarships

          Summer Planning Activities for College Bound Students

          Information of Student Athletes