Student Achievement Data

Annually, students in the Clinton Community School District are evaluated on their level of academic proficiency in reading comprehension, mathematics, and science by taking the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. These tests are given by the district each November in grades K-11. The Iowa Department of Education evaluates grades 3-5, 6-8, and 11 in meeting their target criteria.  This testing is done to satisfy the federal requirement that all children become proficent in reading, math, and science by the year 2014. Click on the student achievement data to reveal a graph that shows the achievement of this school's combined 3-5th graders from the most recent testing season. If anyone is interested in more detailed achievement data, please contact the Curricululm Director of the Clinton District.
November 2015 - 2016 WHITTIER STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT DATA Iowa Assessments
While the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills is the single student performance indicator that the government uses to determine success, the Clinton Schools measure a variety of other areas to help us gain a broader picture of how we are doing.  Click on the link below to see additional academic, behavioral and student attendance performance data and target goals for Whittier Elementary School.