Student Activities

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21% of 7th Grade students and 23% of 8th Grade Students participated in fall sports this year!


 Middle School Coaching Staff 2017 – 2018

                                                Black Team                                                                                         Red Team

7th Football                         Troy Dodd                                                                                          

                                                Dan Sullivan

                                                Warren Williams (New 2017)                                                                                      



8th Football                         Anthony Austin

                                                Tony Smith (New 2017)

                                                Nate Herrig (New 2017)


7th Volleyball                     Sarah Wenzel                                                    7th Volleyball     Aubrey Meers

Eric Slocum                                                                                         Emma Folland (New   2017)


8th Volleyball                     Wendy Smith                                                     8th Volleyball     Carrie Luett

                                                Emily Hoague                                                                                    Dan Krueger


Cross Country                    Marcus Schneeberger

                                                Nick Hauenstein – Volunteer                                                     


7th Girls BBall                     Dan Krueger                                                      


8th Girls BBall                     Evans Bradley                                                   


Wrestling                            Marcus Schneeberger (New 2017)

                                                Dylan Schneeberger (New 2017)



Swimming                          Casey Turner

                                                Denise Venteicher (New 2017)


7th Boys BBall                     Dan Vogel                                                          


8th Boys BBall                     Evans Bradley                                                   


Track                                     Selena Ruggeberg

                                                Grant Borgwardt

                                                Anthony Austin

                                                Eric Slocum

                                                Troy Dodd (resigned per September 2017)



CMS CLUBS:                                        SPONSOR(S):


ARCHERY CLUB.                                          Mr. Dell 

ART CLUB                                                     Ms. Venteicher

BOWLING CLUB                                           Mr. Richardson

CRITTER CLUB                                             Mr. Jennings  

DIVERSITY CLUB                                          Mrs. Wolf or Ms. Marlowe

FLAG CREW                                                  Mr. Hagge

CIVICS BOWL                                               Mr. Dell

H.I.T. (Hight Impact Training)                       Mr. Dodd

LEGO/ROBOTICS CLUB                              Mr. Jennings Mr. Hauenstein

SEWING CLUB (Fall & Spring)                    Mrs. Dahl

SIGN CLUB                                                 

SPECIAL OLYMPICS                                    Mr. Dodd

SPEECH CLUB                                             Mr. Query

STUDENT AMBASSADORS                        6th-Mrs Mixon; 7th-Mr Engler; 8th-Mrs. Loots

STUDENT COUNCIL                                    Mr. Slocum

INTRAMURAL TENNIS                                Ms. Rasche

WEIGHT TRAINING                                     Mr. Hall or Mr. Peterson

YEAR BOOK                                                 Mr. Scully